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Blues and Jazz Music in Schools
Foundations of Music

Chicago, IL      Arts


Foundations of Music brings high-quality music education to underserved classrooms and communities across Chicago. Our mission is music for every child, and our vision is a society where children of all means have access to music education and the opportunity to creatively express themselves through music. More than two hundred Chicago elementary public schools do not have the resources to provide music education. Foundations of Music addresses this gap by providing core music education to children in these communities.

Ensembles-in-Residence are available for schools that serve students in a wide range of grade levels. Professional musicians visits schools and present an engaging concert that traces the history of blues music or jazz music. Students are prepared for the experience by curriculum presented either by a teaching artist or by their classroom teacher, and the concert is followed by classroom activities that focus on connecting the material to social studies curriculum and/or music curriculum.

This RoomFunding Project will fund 30 Ensembles-in-Residence presenting blues music or jazz music. This program will reach more than 7,000 students across Chicago.

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7,000 children's lives impacted

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