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A Glimmer of Hope

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A Glimmer of Hope empowers rural Ethiopian communities to end the cycle of poverty. We do this by partnering with the Ethiopian people to bring together four vital pillars—water, education, health care and microfinance—that work together to save lives.

Since 2000, Glimmer has invested more than $85 million and built 9,000 projects—and counting—in the most remote, impoverished villages of Ethiopia. Thanks to our endowment that funds all operating costs, Glimmer sends 100% of every donation directly to projects in the field.

Glimmer is currently working in the Villages of Gondar, a group of rural communities in northwest Ethiopia with striking poverty. One of the most pronounced areas of hardship for children here is education. School conditions make learning extremely difficult—students struggle to focus on lessons in dark classrooms with mud seats and no windows. Access to health care is also a challenge. Local health posts are small, poorly stocked, and insufficient to meet the needs of families who depend on them for first aid, vaccinations and other services. In addition, 40% of residents lack access to clean water.

Together we can transform everyday life for children in these villages. Through Glimmer’s planned projects here, $9,000 can provide the following for 100 children:

  • The opportunity for a better future through improved education

  • Support for life-saving health care

  • Access to clean water less than a mile from home

Join us today and help bring hope to children in the Villages of Gondar!

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Glimmer led an exciting workshop in the Villages of Gondar

The workshop brought together our local construction partners, local government representatives, and community members from each of the 10 villages in Gondar.

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