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Ocean Conservation
Rock The Ocean Foundation

Nashville, TN      Humanitarian Aid


The Rock The Ocean Foundation is dedicated to supporting scientific research, education and increasing public awareness about the issues impacting the world’s oceans. RTO teams up with high profile musical artists and entertainers, who will perform and participate in events that educate the public on marine conservation. RTO, founder Chris Stacey is an avid ocean lover, diver and 20 year music industry veteran. Tortuga Music Festival will bring to life his vision, uniting the best and brightest in music, working to raise awareness about the issues currently impacting our oceans and their delicate ecosystems.

Our mission is to increase public awareness about the issues impacting the world’s oceans and to support scientific research, education and ocean conservation initiatives through benefit concerts, brand partnerships, and entertainment industry events.

While there are numerous threats to our oceans today, Rock The Ocean is focused on bringing attention to five main issues: Overfishing, Shark Conservation, Coral Reef Degradation, Marine Pollution and Turtle Conservation. Each of these 5 Core issues has a detrimental impact on the health, vitality and future state of the world's oceans, and they are all things that we can make a personal effort to fix.

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