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Provide Musical Instruments to At-Risk Youth
Music Doing Good

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Music Doing Good transforms lives by providing access to music programs for underserved populations. We deliver three outreach programs that bring music to children in Houston who would otherwise not have access. The programs use music to stimulate minds, open hearts and ignite imagination. Music Doing Good touches the lives of thousands of individuals annually as we strive to create a world where we all live in concert.

As funding for arts and music in our schools is cut more and more, our students risk not having the opportunity to be exposed to music. Many at-risk students don’t have their own instruments and therefore can’t practice or take any outside lessons. Even worse, some schools can’t provide band or orchestra programs because they simply don’t have enough instruments. Music Doing Good with Instruments finds gently used instruments, repairs and refurbishes them, and then donates them to students and schools that need them.

During the holidays, Music Doing Good teamed up with the Houston Symphony Orchestra, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and the Salvation Army to help out a family in need. The Sims family lost their home to a fire, but the mother still wanted her daughters to be involved in music. Even without instruments, she still took her two girls to violin class so they would be around music. Music Doing Good provided two violins and donated them to the girls, who are now able to rejoin their music classes and continue their music education!

Music Doing Good with Instruments has helped many students just like these girls. Over the past year, our program has worked with public schools in 4 different districts as well as made individual donations to 8 students, providing over 28 instruments to classroom music programs and students that needed assistance.

Music Doing Good remains connected to the students after they have received their instrument donation. We provide the students with an opportunity to work directly with our artists in a mentorship role and to participate in performances and musical showcases involving the students.

This RoomFunding Project will provide music instruments to at-risk children in Houston.

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Why We Like This Project

As a native Houstonian, I am excited to partner with Music Doing Good. I think music education is important and I love that students who may not have access to music will now have that opportunity. 

Nicole Watson Director of Marketing and Giving

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