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Snow Leopard Scouts
Snow Leopard Conservancy

Sonoma, CA      Education


The Snow Leopard Conservancy is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Sonoma, California, which oversees community-based programs to save the snow leopard throughout the big cat’s range including Bhutan, India, Mongolia, Nepal and Pakistan.

Snow Leopard Scouts is a Nepal-based program of the Snow Leopard Conservancy. The program began in 2011, with the guidance of the Snow Leopard Conservancy’s “in-country” partners, the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), and Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP). It continues in 2016, with additional collaboration from the GPN, a Nepal-based, non-governmental organization committed to wildlife conservation.

The program mobilizes and trains young, Nepali students (i.e., the Snow Leopard Scouts) to protect snow leopards and the biodiversity of the Himalayas. The Snow Leopard Scouts receive hands on training in the field in the latest snow leopard research techniques including the collection of snow leopard scats for DNA analysis, and trail-camera monitoring of the big cats and other wildlife. In addition, the Snow Leopard Scouts learn the root causes of and latest strategies for dealing with snow leopard-people conflicts.

The program also addresses a vital need to supplement the curriculum in Nepali schools. Government funding for public education in Nepal – especially, in the rural areas, where Snow Leopard Scouts are recruited – is extremely limited. Accordingly, the program provides a unique and sometimes the only opportunity for Nepali students to receive instruction in wildlife conservation and ecology. While our short-term goal is education, our long-term goal is to inspire the Snow Leopard Scouts to become the next generation of environmental stewards in the Himalayas. And our Snow Leopard Scout alumni tell us that the program is great fun!

This RoomFunding Project will help fund 160 Snow Leopard Scouts in Nepal.

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Why We Like This Project

I love that the Snow Leopard Conservancy is teaching the next generation of conservationists to protect these beautiful animals. 

Nicole Watson Director of Marketing and Giving

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